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Who are Fair Recruitment?


Fair Recruitment was set up in 2015 on the back of 10 years’ recruitment experience in both the rec2rec and consulting market. My experience of executive level recruitment and rec2rec enables me to understand your business needs clearly. 

It is this experience that will negate the often problematic task of finding excellent recruitment consultants, both with experience and at graduate level.

We do not have call and send out targets, enabling us to spend the time necessary to source excellent candidates putting the emphasis on quality rather than quantity. 



Need some money for your summer holiday or to pay off that overdraft and credit card? 


Fair Recruitment will pay a £500 referral fee for a candidate that you recommend and we place. Candidates you refer must not be known to us and have to pass their probation once they have secured a role, usually three months. 
The type of candidates we are looking for are people who have an interest in a fast paced sales environment which is very meritocratic with the opportunity to earn a lot of money.

Candidates ideally need to be degree educated but outside of that their background is not really important, it is more about attributes. These attributes include hard working, driven, good communicators, competitive and interested in sales.
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What did other graduates experience?

Sylvia kemp

Compliance at
Walker Hamill

Having recently moved to London, I was aware of the competitive nature of the job market but Alex instantly put me at ease and gave me a comprehensive overview of the company so that I formed a very good idea of what would be required at interview stage. Fortunately, I secured a position that was aligned to my skills and experience with an organisation which shares my corporate values. Alex checked in at regular points after I was hired and I have since benefited from her valuable support and advice. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Alex as I have found that her business far exceeded my expectations and has positively contributed to my career development

Lydia Ryan

Graduate Consultant at
LAW Absolute

Alex placed me into my graduate role with a legal recruitment firm. It was a pleasure to work with Alex and I really appreciated her high level of expertise, market knowledge and honesty. She has an excellent reputation and I would highly recommend her. 

Melissa Akers

Researcher at
Nebula Partner

I would highly recommend Alex as a rec to rec recruiter.  My very first interview organised by Fair Recruitment ended up in a placement in my dream job. She took my career goals into consideration and matched me with an employer who complimented my aspirations.  She thoroughly prepped me on the people interviewing me and was a constant source of contact throughout the process.

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