What to do after graduation?

The lectures are finally over and exams are done. The last year of university has passed faster than you could possibly have imagined and in only a couple of weeks it will be over. Now… the real world starts 😊  

Don’t Panic - When you read news and talk to people, you may feel like it is harder than ever to secure a role. While the job market is crowded it has always been like this and there are plenty of things you can do to stand out from the crowd. What can you do? Have a think about what you want to do and stick to your goals and aspirations. If you are not qualified for your dream job currently then look at jobs that you are qualified for that will lead you to have enough experience. Ignore the negative press and focus on making sure you get the career you want.

Get your CV ready – Your CV may have been untouched for some time or does not exist at all. Now you are graduating, your CV is very important and you need to spend some time getting it up to date. Recruiters and hiring managers will see hundreds of CV’s every day so make sure yours is fit for purpose. Potential employers know that you do not have years of experience so focus on the experience you do have.  If you need help then find a CV template from the internet and read our previous blog. Apple Pages and Word offer very good CV templates as well. Make sure you keep your CV up to date.

Digital footprint - Google and  social media don't like to forget. Potential employers do and will check your social media profiles and potentially google you. Make sure you have an up to date LinkedIn profile, see our other blog on creating a great LinkedIn Profile. LinkedIn is the first-place employers will visit. If you don’t want potential employers to see your social media then either tidy it up and delete inappropriate content or make it private. Even if your profile is private then they can still see your profile picture so change it to something you would be happy your future boss seeing. Social media is part of life and employers will expect you to have an online presence but while job hunting do think twice about what you are posting!  

Networking – Candidates often complain that the people who get the best jobs are the people who know people. So, if you can’t beat them, join them by networking! Start by looking at the MeetUp and EventBrite events. Attend things that interest you and are relevant to your chosen career path and while you are there talk to people. You never know who you will meet and who might be looking for a candidate exactly like you. Spend some time contacting friends from university who graduated before you as the company they are working for might be looking for graduates or might know of companies who are. Lecturers are also a good way of boosting your network, they will know people. 

Recruitment Agencies – Agencies are often working on roles that employers are not advertising directly. Find a good graduate agency in your chosen field and spend the time getting to know the agent. Recruitment agencies need to make money by placing candidates so make sure you are meeting with them and being at the forefront of their minds when a relevant role comes in. It is in an agencies interest to make sure you get the job so they will make sure you are fully prepared. We are very keen to help you here at Fair Recruitment so please feel free to get in touch on alex@fairrecruitment.co.uk