How to Be More Productive

We all know that it can be hard to be productive all the time. This goes for life as well as University and plenty of us struggle to keep up with our studies and effectively manage our time. From time to time, we all feel panicked and have the desire to get organised. In this age of smartphones, we need to embrace their ability to help us to get organised as they can do much more than just take snaps. The apps listed below can help cure the problem of time management and increase our productivity. 

So grab your smartphone and get organised… you’re welcome! 


The Zeigarnik Effect states that “people remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks”. A Microsoft owned app called Wunderlist can make sure you don’t forget what needs to be done as well as remembering the things you have done. IOS and Android both offer native to-do list apps but they are not as technical. Wunderlist is designed to make our lives better or at least more organised. You can easily create multiple to-do lists and share them with friends - great for when you have a group project or organising a house party.



As you will know from those Saturday night snaps, our smartphones offer superb image quality! However, our cameras can go the extra mile and can be used for scanning. Thanks to the high-quality optics and the image sensor, you don’t have to carry your lecture notes with you all the time. Just scan them and they are saved on your smartphone. We have all had that moment when you find your missing lecture notes and there is nowhere to photocopy them. Now, your smartphone will be a life saver! A cool feature of this app is that it recognises the edges of the paper and automatically makes the necessary image manipulation to avoid any distortions. Give it a try, you will love it.



Is it just me or does referencing take longer than writing the actual essay? This is where RefMe comes in. Find the reference, use RefMe to scan it and the app does the rest! Goodbye hours of referencing!



You have probably never heard of Slack which is effectively the business version of the legendary WhatsApp. It is, however, far superior to WhatsApp when it comes to managing group projects or your sports team. Instead of dealing with WhatsApp groups and getting lost within the conversations, you can create different topics to make sure you keep up with your work easier. Slack will help you to organise your life and experience using Slack will look good on your CV.



Trello is a project management tool that looks similar to Pinterest. You can create cards and lists to help you get your work done. If you are struggling with work and looking for a way to improve your productivity, Trello will help you to visualise your tasks and make it easier to manage them. You can also add your friends or classmates to projects and keep up with progress more effectively.



We at Fair Recruitment have been using Evernote for a while. It is a great tool for document review, organising data and dealing with articles. Come dissertation time you will have to revise your work over and over again and Evernote will help you keep a record of all the papers you need to read and which chapters of which books you require.  Evernote will allow you to easily organise your reading and you can also use the in-app scanner to save the most important chapters.  Unlike built-in note taking apps, Evernote will sync with all your devices.