Interview Tips

You have written your CV, a cover letter, applied for numerous jobs and now you have it, an interview! It is what you wanted but now you are in an unknown land with unknown questions. Everyone gets nervous before interviews but the easiest way to reduce these nerves is to be prepared. Below are Fair Recruitment’s tips for dealing with that first interview:

  • Standard Questions Although you don’t know what questions an interviewer is going to ask you can have a think about the most likely questions. They will want to know your background and why you are interested in the role. Make sure you know your CV back to front and can answer any questions about your education or work experience and explain any gaps. Make sure you have thought about why you want the job and why you are going to be well suited for it. Make sure you prepare for the questions that you know will come up. 
  • Research, Research, Research The interviewer is busy and has taken time out of their day to meet you. In return the least you can do is to know as much as possible about the company and the role. The company website is the first place to start but also make sure you look up the business on LinkedIn and Social Media. Make sure you understand the business and what they do, find out who their competitors are and do some reading around the industry. If you really want to impress them consider looking into their annual reports and any information on future growth plans.
  • WhatIWoreToday (#wiwt) This hashtag, invented by Poppy Dinsey, is extremely relevant when it comes to interviewing. The employer will tell you if they want you to wear anything other than formal attire but if in any doubt choose a formal outfit. They won’t expect a suit from Saville Row or an expensive outfit but make sure you look as smart as possible. Don’t ruin your chances by turning up in an inappropriate outfit. 
  • Do Not Panic We all know that job hunting and interviewing can be extremely stressful but so does the interviewer. They are used to people being nervous and they will do the best they can to put you at ease. The most important thing is to not panic during the interview. The more prepared you are the less stressful the situation will be. If you think you might struggle with the stress, ask for help from your University as many offer sessions to cope with this stress. You have been invited for an interview because the interviewer believes you are suitable for the role having seen your CV so remember this and be positive. Make sure you listen and don’t fall into the trap of not answering the question and be direct with your answers.  Always be positive and upbeat. 
  • Smile Human connections are very important during interviews. If the interviewer buys into you as a person, they are more likely to think positively about you afterwards. Smile, build rapport and be personable. Be friendly to everyone you meet as many companies will ask the receptionist what you were like so don’t save your personality for the interviewer.
  • Questions You can’t be expected to accept a role without knowing everything about the opportunity. Think to yourself; “What do I need to know to accept this role if offered” and make yourself a list of questions. Think about this before and don’t be afraid to take a list of questions with you. You can’t ask too many questions. Prepare and ask as many as possible. 

We hope you enjoyed readying out interview tips and that they will help you with any future interviews you have lined up. Please do let Fair Recruitment know if you enjoyed reading it and please feel free to share our tips with your friends.